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      Welcome: Liangshan Yue Tong Special Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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      Service Center

      In the company of "quality first, customer first" purpose, so that the majority bought "Yuetong trailer" products customer satisfaction, worries about the use of the product, in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and standards, specially formulated "Yuetong trailer "product" three guarantees "requirement.
      First, the car modified car train hosts and hosts at OEMs traveling within the period specified, the user should go to the OEMs are designated special service stations go together on maintenance, quality problems by the OEMs and host special service station OEMs treatment, The Company is responsible for only part of the mass conversion.
      Second, in the "three guarantees" period of the project my company's products, customers in accordance with the product "manual" under normal use and maintenance conditions, due to product design, manufacturing, materials and assembly quality of existing substandard or defective, the occurrence of failure caused by damage while not working, customers can "Quality Warranty Service Manual" and purchase invoices (copies), according to company policy to give "three guarantees" service.
      Third, the "three guarantees" replacement parts should recover old pieces (paying the old ones, no old parts are not "three guarantees").
      Fourth, the product is sold within seven days, unused before, if there are serious quality problems, the company responsible for the replacement.
      Five, free guide and paid services
      1, where the use of pass Yue trailer product, both in the "three guarantees" effective or lapsed during the period provided by the company are entitled to free technical advice and technical guidance.
      2, the product "three guarantees" period, indeed due to customers using the product components caused by damage, the company will supply parts to price Gatti customers and provide reasonable compensation for services.
      Six, Yuetong trailer series products are mainly parts "three guarantees" expiration date
      The following is the expiration time and mileage can be one of two conditions are met:
      1, Frame: rails, hanging bracket or traveling 30,000 kilometers a year.
      2, axles: A, beams: traveling 30,000 kilometers a year or.
      B, brake drums, wheel hubs, brake discs, brake shoes (without brakes), camshaft, bearings, dust cap, seal: six months or traveled 20,000 kilometers.
      3, saddle, kingpins: traveling 30,000 km or one year.
      4, rims, leaf springs, rod, relay valve, supporting device, brake chamber, slack adjuster, spare tire rack: half or traveling 20,000 km.
      5, bogies, traction frame, dial: six months or traveled 20,000 kilometers.
      6, rod, triangular arm: six months or traveled 10,000 kilometers.
      7, sub-frame, car frame, hydraulic cylinders (including base), open the door body: six months or traveled 10,000 kilometers.
      8, solenoid valves, dispensing valve, valve, multi-way valve, gear pumps, control valves, drive shaft: Six months or traveled 10,000 kilometers.
      9, tanks, pipes, binder covers, walking units, diesel engines, air compressors: one year or 30,000 km traveling.
      10, check valve, ball valve, safety valve, butterfly valve, streaming cloth, pressure gauges, PTO, cinder hose, flexible shaft actuators, pumps, breathing valve, fire extinguishers, fire cover, oil hose: six months or driving 20,000 km.
      11, tires: tire factory warranty period in accordance with the implementation.
      12, the above-mentioned components are not traveling 20,000 km or six months.
      Seven, the following shall not be "three guarantees", by the customer at his own expense:
      1, Not "Manual" provides the use, maintenance, maintenance.
      2, use, maintenance, improper maintenance, damage caused by human parts.
      3, the vehicle mounted plastic products, glass products, wood products, rubber products (excluding tires), the individual fasteners and lubricating parts and other wearing parts damage.
      4, there is no "quality warranty Service Manual" or "Quality Warranty Service Manual" on the vehicle type, vehicle identification codes do not match with the real person.
      5, seriously overloaded, overrun with resulting damage.
      6, the customer unauthorized alterations, welding or removing any parts caused by the vehicle components and parts damaged.
      7, beyond the "three guarantees" the expiration date.
      8, a fault, without the company's prior permission for processing or replacement of parts caused by the continuity of the parts and component damage.
      9, traffic accidents and major incidents, customers or traffic police department that related to product quality, without notice before processing the scene to verify the Company.
      10, can be repaired, and the customer is strongly request a replacement assembly, to be approved by the Company's service division and a certain amount of depreciation. Depreciation is calculated as: customer use of time divided by the parts warranty period multiplied by the unit price.


      Contact: Yang Zunkai

      Phone: 15694444446

      Tel: 0537-7766007

      Email: yuetongqc@126.com

      Add: Quanpu Industrial Park, Liangshan District, Jining City, Shandong Province

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