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      Vehicle transport semi trailer (sedan car) usher in the most rigorous change in history.

      In accordance with the five departments, such as the Ministry of transportation, the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry, and the Ministry of information and other departments, which are jointly issued by the five departments of the vehicle transportation vehicle (No. 2016] 107), the unregulated vehicle transport vehicle is completely prohibited from July 1, 2018. First, to strengthen the supervision of the enterprises, the departments in charge of transportation and transportation should strengthen the supervision and inspection of the local vehicle logistics enterprises, and urge the enterprises with the lag of the work to quicken the progress of the renewal and exit, and not use the unregulated vehicles that are not declared in the declaration system and exceed the withdrawal period. Two, increase the control and control of the source. The departments of transportation and transportation should strengthen the inspection of the source law enforcement, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the production plant area of the centralized loading car, logistics station, passenger car manufacturing enterprise, and punish the illegal vehicles according to law. At the entrance of the toll collection station of the expressway, the vehicle trailers are checked and compared, and the unauthorized vehicle transporters are advised to return. Since July 1, 2018, non compliant vehicle transporters have been prohibited from driving into expressways. Three, increase the punishment of punishment 1. to the compulsory scrap standard, bulletin card invalidation, to collect compulsory scrap, to the driver of two hundred yuan or more than two thousand Yuan fines, and revoked vehicle driver's license. 2. whoever is illegally converted to a vehicle shall be ordered to return to the original state and be warned or fined under five hundred yuan. 3. those who belong to the assembled vehicles shall be sentenced to compulsory abandonment, and the driver shall be fined two hundred yuan or less than two thousand yuan, and the motor vehicle driving license shall be revoked. 4. if the vehicle identification code is inconsistent with the driving license, the vehicle shall be seized and deducted under the circumstances, and shall be fined not less than two thousand yuan or less than five thousand yuan, and 12 points shall be recorded. 5. for the length and width of the loading length and width exceeding the outer size of the vehicle transport vehicle, whether or not it exceeds the withdrawal period or if the declaration system is declared, the public security traffic administration department is fined under twenty yuan and more than two hundred yuan according to law, and points out the points.



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