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      Yue Tong car trailer knowledge station 5 common causes leading to brake drum cracking

      1. the brakes are very hot, the water of the water
      Many high speed downhill sections design a pool for lowering temperature on the hillside to reduce the temperature of the brake drum. If the drum temperature is too high, it is easy to crack directly into the water tank.
      Suggestion: if the brake drum temperature is too high, stop and rest and let it cool naturally.
      2. it was found that the temperature was high before opening the water
      Brake water sprinkling is an important device for domestic truck protection at present, which mainly reduces the temperature of brake drum and reduces the thermal decay of brake. If the brake drum is too hot, it will only cause the brake drum to crack.
      Recommendation: before downhill, it is best to choose long sprinkling water, which does not cost much, but can improve driving safety.
      Brake dripping device, in China has always been a very contradictory thing, in the north you install it, he said you change, run south, you do not install it, he also said you violate the irregularities, in which the embarrassment and suffering, only the truck people know that taste.
      Suggestion: it is best to choose vehicles with auxiliary brake, operate correctly, and reduce unnecessary braking when downhill.

      3. change to "brake king"
      There are many reasons why the brakes are not good. In order to improve the braking effect, some drivers choose a product called brake king. The brake king called "good brakes", it is the increase of the air traffic on the brake gas road, the result is that the brake drum can not bear the force of so large, resulting in rupture.
      Suggestion: brake is not good generally is a system problem. It is better to check the gas path, valve body and mechanical parts systematically, so it is best not to use brake king.
      4. too much dependence on trailer brake
      In order to prevent the phenomenon of "push head" in the wet road, some semi - hanging tractors in China weaken the brake of the main car and rely too much on the trailer brake, which leads to the excessive load of the brake drum of the trailer, which leads to the high failure rate.
      Suggestion: pay attention to checking vehicle braking, maintain overall coordination between main vehicle and trailer braking, and do not rely too much on trailer braking.
      5. normally do not pay attention to check
      Some careless drivers do not pay attention to their own brake drum at ordinary times, in the ordinary maintenance of the car, should pay more attention to the thickness of the brake drum, whether there is too serious crack and so on.
      Suggestion: truck should be replaced by maintenance instead of repair.



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